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Sustainability Strategy Management

Agoodforgood is an European consultancy practice with a strong expertise in sustainability. Its specificity is to provide a label-based approach to sectors, supply chains and companies.
1)The practice has anchored its approach on the label-type methodology which is very well defined in France and is a guarantee to avoid any greenwashing drift (independence, transparency, ethic, objectivity of indicators, external audits, etc). On top of it, the Agoodforgood practice has focused on the dual side of sustainability : know-how and strategy–to-markets. This is why talents of two sorts are in the team : greengineers and marketeers.
2) From projects in the labels field, this approach has been tuned to match the requirements of companies, and not only sectors – be it for their own supply chain or for their entire corporate strategy. The core of the strategic thinking lies in the definition of key strategic levers, which cover the 3 dimensions of Sustainability.
These levers are prioritized versus in-market performance and strategic importance.
The rest of the approach consists in helping the client to implementing actions which have derived from the key strategic levers.

via gorani 5
8 rue dieulefoy
Milan, Milan, 20149, Italy

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