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Arbogast Energy Auditing
Independent Energy Consulting Services

Energy Auditing
 Basic Assessment Audit - Provides a quick low cost look at your Facility and Facility's Energy Usage by a Certified Energy
Auditor to indentify opportunities for energy savings.
 Scoping Audit - Provides an in-depth survey and data collection of your Facility, Facility's Usage and Facility's Energy
Usage. This Data is then used by a Certified Energy Manager to indentify Energy Conservation Measures(ECM) for your
facility. Arbogast Energy Auditing then estimates energy savings and simple Return On Investment for each ECM
 Construction Grade Audit A Professional Engineer will take the information from the Scoping Audit to develop
construction documents which can be used to implement the ECM identified.
Continuous Commissioning
 Continuous Commissioning (CC) is an ongoing process to resolve operating problems, improve comfort, optimize
energy use and identify retrofits for existing commercial and institutional buildings and central plant facilities.
 Baseline Report - Arbogast Energy Auditing will establish a baseline of your facility by, measuring and recording how
your facility is being used now, and how it was designed to be used.
 Continuous Commissioning Process and Reporting - Arbogast Energy Auditing will Develop and Manage a CC program
for your facility to optimize your facility to it's current usage and provide reporting to demonstrate savings.
Measurement and Verification Reports
 Are you saving the energy that was promised? Allow Arbogast Energy Auditing to prove your energy Savings using your
real time energy usage or Utility Bills.
Condition based Maintenance Reports
 Condition-based maintenance (CBM) can be defined as a set of maintenance processes and capabilities derived, in large
part, from real-time assessment of HVAC system conditions obtained from embedded sensors and/or external tests and
measurements using portable equipment. Arbogast Energy Auditing can implement these processes to reduce your energy
and maintenance cost and reduce equipment downtime.
HVAC Equipment Maintenance and Replacement Plan
 Do you understand what your HVAC Maintenance cost should be? How to reduce it? When should you plan to replace it?
How much should you budget for replacement cost? Allow Arbogast Energy Auditing answer all these questions.
Sustainability Report
 A Sustainability Report details current and future economic and environmental impacts of your operation, as well as
achievements in sustainability. Have this report developed by a Certified Sustainable Development Professional.
Energy Star
 Arbogast Energy Auditing will set up and maintain your buildings Energy Star Portfolio Manager allowing you to compare
your building's energy usage to similar buildings and other benefits from Energy Star.
Steam Trap Surveys
 Arbogast Energy Auditing will perform a Steam trap survey using the latest techniques including thermal imaging and
ultrasound to indentify non working traps and other steam system problems.
Thermal Imaging
 Arbogast Energy Auditing Provides Thermal Imaging preformed by Certified Thermographer
Basic IAQ Report
 Arbogast Energy Auditing Provides Measurement and Data Logging of Temperature, Humidity, Building Air CO2
Levels, and Building Air Particle Counts.
Electric Power Quality Surveys
 Arbogast Energy Auditing can provide Electric Power Analysis with Power Usage and Power Quality Capabilities up to
1000 Amps and 600 Volts Services.
Construction Management Services
 Arbogast Energy Auditing will manage the implementation of your Energy Savings Project
Real Time Utility Usage Monitoring and Weather Based Fuel Usage Prediction Services
 This service monitors your Electric or Fuel usage in real time via a transmitter installed at your site. This transmitter is
connected to either your existing meter or a meter installed at your site. This information can either be accessed via
the Web or a Written Report sent your email or mail address.
 We can also use this information along with a historical usage to provide a prediction of your up coming fuel or
electrical usage based on a weather forecast from the National Weather Service.

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