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Aspenware Inc.
Biodegradable Wooden Cutlery

Aspenware, Inc. manufactures fully compostable, disposable wooden cutlery. Our product line includes a fork, a knife, a spoon and a soup spoon. Comparable in size to conventional cutlery, the utensils are lightweight and strong, as well as ergonomically designed and aesthetically pleasing. The pieces are designed for strength, with forks able to pierce a raw carrot, spoons able to support a small melon and knives able to slice easily through steak.

Aspenware cutlery is all-natural, comprised of two thin layers of birch and/or aspen veneer laminated with a safe, edible, USFDA-approved, organic white glue. To eliminate any wooden taste, the eating portion of the cutlery (the cutting edge on the knife, the fork tines and the scooped portion of the spoon) is sprayed with a tasteless, kosher confectioners glaze. This glaze eliminates the ‘wicking’ sensation often associated with bare wood and helps speed the composting process.

Aspenware, Inc. is an icon of hope. Our product is a biodegradable solution to the billions of plastic knives, forks and spoons that end up in landfills every year. We use fallen trees salvaged from the forestry industry and our product and packaging is backyard compostable. Many bio-plastic and starch based products must be composted in a commercial composting facility or sent back to the original manufacturer for composting. The best part is, our product is manufactured entirely in North America!

For additional information about our cutlery please visit our website at: www.aspenware.ca

869 Mabel Lake Road
Lumby, BC, V0E 2G5, Canada


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