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AtKisson Group
Leaders in Sustainability since 1992

The AtKisson Group has been at the forefront of sustainability since 1992, working across boundaries of all kinds, creating sustainability tools and methods now used around the world. As consultants, we provide expert advice, analysis, and strategic support to world-leading organizations in sustainability, including the United Nations, major corporations, governments, and global NGOs. As trainers and educators, we help leaders, change agents, and students to achieve their highest potential and effect transformative change. As communicators, we provide inspiring keynotes and seminars, produce reports on cutting edge issues, and facilitate effective meetings and conferences.

Founded two decades ago by Alan AtKisson, one of the pioneers of sustainability consulting, the AtKisson Group now includes a diverse array of independent associates and affiliated organizations, in ten countries, working together as an integrated network. See our website for more information.

198 Tremon St. #166
Boston, MA, 02116

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