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Auction House Japan
Japanese Use Car Auctions

A reputable Tokyo located auto-trading company, Auction House Japan Co., Ltd., has been catering to its customers for over a decade with its auctioned, Japanese used cars. With customers across the globe, mainly in Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, Caribbean, and Commonwealth of Independent States, AHJ has as a reliable and reputable provider of second-hand vehicles.

At Auction House Japan ( https://www.auctionhousejapan.jp ), our yards are strategically situated all over Japan, assuring easy access and solid control. We are connected to multiple shipping lines to offer the lowest possible shipping prices and time duration, turning it as an extremely feasible choice for you. Moreover, we have access to a range of auction houses in Japan, including but not limited to Yokohama, Nagoya, Chubu Industrial Region, Tokyo, and Osaka.

AHJ ensures that we can help you acquire your dream used cars from the best Japanese auctions at the lowest rates possible. Our 10 years of experience has empowered us to build a network all across Japan by being connected to more than 140 auction houses all across Japan.

Oak Minami-Azabu Building 11F, Room M, 3-19-23 Minami-Azabu
TOKYO, Tôkyô, 106-0047, Japan

+81 3 4580 9721

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