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True Sustainability

Our dream is to build entire value chains of business individuals that have the tools and systems to reach the goals of true sustainability in their daily work. From raw materials, through production, usage and end recycling back into raw materials streams getting to true sustainability needs entire value chain visibility yet blinded to contributing individuals identity so they cannot be fired for attempting sustainable changes. To re-create a sustainable product requires many 180 degree changes in social, economic and environmental past decisions. We barbeque sacred cows of past decisions on the grill of true sustainability daily yet it takes our unique systems to make this happen.

Recently (in January of 2012) we also upped our game to include sustainability legislation. We are currently the only nationally recognized lobbying group that has sustainability as their goal. We have presented legislation for the development of a west coast sustainable products portal to Sacramento, Salem, Olympia and Victoria. We engage each legislature at the speeds they can develop in today’s business environment. Yet over 80% of our clients are international and they represent an avalanche of new sustainable products into the U.S. if we had the legislation in place to defend and embrace their entry. They in turn would open their markets to sustainable U.S. products that would be protected by legislation that has been in place for over a decade.

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