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British Loose Leaf
End of life binder recycling

We supply high quality binders and files made in the UK from recycled materials, which means a lower carbon footprint than imported files made from new materials.

We also collect (as we make deliveries - no extra vehicle miles) those items our customers have ready for disposal and bring them back to separate the component materials and recycle each of them. They would otherwise go to landfill, as general recycling companies don't have the equipment or expertise (or inclination, frankly) to separate the materials.

As soon as a customer changes to British Loose Leaf products and signs up for the recycling programme we will collect ALL such items ready for disposal, including those purchased previously from other suppliers.

There is no charge for collection or recycling, so our customers save money on disposal costs, as well as improving their environmental performance.

Millions of these products are needlessly disposed of as landfill; please help us make a difference.

20 Kennet Road
Crayford, Kent, DA1 4QN, United Kingdom
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