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Brown and Wilmanns Environmental, LLC
Environmental Strategy and Product Assessment

Brown and Wilmanns Environmental, LLC, is a nationally recognized leader in developing innovative environmental strategies for business, government and NGOs. With years of experience addressing environmental challenges in companies, agencies, and nonprofits, they have unique insight into the role of environmental managers in leading change. For ten years, Michael Brown and Eric Wilmanns have helped tailor environmental and social responsibility programs to clients’ specific strengths and organizational cultures. In conjunction with their life cycle expertise applicable to product assessment, they offer a broad range of services including:
• Developing innovative environmental management policies, strategies, standards and programs
• Evaluating corporate environmental and social responsibility performance
• Recommending tiered environmental performance improvements based on an individual company’s strengths, values and culture
• Preparing environmental and social responsibility reports
• Assessing products, services, and processes, including lifecycle assessment
• Developing performance metrics and novel benchmarks and assessment tools
• Green Choices™ Toolkit, off-the-shelf program for environmental assessment

850 Cathedral Vista Ln
Santa Barbara, CA, 93110


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