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Carbon Credit Environmental Services
Environment and Sustainability Services

Carbon Credit Environmental Services is a leading-edge environmental consulting firm based in Detroit, Michigan.

CCES provides comprehensive environmental services covering a breadth of areas including energy conservation, GHG/CO2 inventory, carbon accounting, offset programs, LCA (Life Cycle Analysis), renewable design, plan and implementation programs, climate impact analysis, plus many more services to meet today's business and regulatory demands.

As companies and industries begin to create sustainability indices and programs, supplier compliance to these programs will only be accomplished through Life Cycle Analysis.

CCES utilizes LCA-ISO Standards methodology which provides a scientific basis for the "Green Claims" of any company's product or service. This certification will support the recently launched Sustainability Product Index in use by Wal-Mart and other big-box retailers as a scorecard of supplier sustainability throughout the supply chain.

440 Burroughs Ste 119
Detroit, MI, 48202


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