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CarbonSolve Inc.
Software solutions for carbon, waste, water, energy, sustainability, and CSR.

CarbonSolve provides software solutions that automate the planning, implementation, and performance tracking of carbon and sustainability & CSR initiatives. The CarbonSolve platform is designed to address a broad spectrum of needs, and makes possible for organizations to transform their sustainability objectives – including carbon, water, waste, employee engagement, or supply chain related initiatives into measureable metrics and trackable processes. Whether a customer’s need to make the shift to more sustainable enterprise is driven by legislation, voluntary/mandated reporting, brand differentiation, competitive differentiators, risk mitigation, or stakeholder concerns, CarbonSolve provides an automated way to easily tackle these challenges.

95 Rue Victoria
Gatineau, QC, K5E7E6, Canada
Sunnyvale, CA


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