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CityMatters LLC
environmental Consultant, specializing in sustainability

CityMatters LLC

CityMatters is an environmental consulting firm working with both business and local government to introduce sustainable practices and policies.

CityMatters’ Principal, Andrea M. Schaffer, brings over 30 years of experience developing and managing projects that integrate environmental practices and policies into the overall corporate strategy, culture and operations of an organization. For many of her business clients she specializes in projects that require a thorough understanding of the complex interplay of regulatory agencies in New York City and New York State.

CityMatters has been actively partnering with companies in their desire to make their workplace more sustainable and "greener". Its work includes managing two "green wall" projects in the Bronx, as well as, organizing and implementing a waste reduction and recycling program at a Fortune 500 company and a NYC University.

CityMatters offers strategic guidance to her clients and takes charge of the day-to-day tasks of managing a project. Ms. Schaffer is the pivotal person who coordinates the work of various technical specialists. She has an acute understanding of the inner workings of City government and the Legislative process. She has the skills needed to manage the diverse constituencies that link a project together.

With strong writing and verbal skills, Ms Schaffer can communicate a client's message to varying audiences using persuasive yet understandable, straightforward language. In servicing her clients, Ms.Schaffer tracks industry issues and advises clients on events, legislation and policy changes that may impact their business. CityMatters will act as the representative of a company at associations, community meetings, legislative hearings or conferences.
One of the many services CityMatters can provide is to create successful packages for businesses that help them thrive in New York while being good members of the community. To generate a positive image or improve a company's existing public image, CityMatters will promote ways for her clients to be good neighbors through community service or public/private partnerships. She will assist companies in developing or integrating environmental practices and policies into companies' overall corporate strategy, culture and operations. These programs include setting up effective waste reduction/office recycling programs, greening offices and establishing environmental practices that reduce a company's greenhouse gas emissions.

As a member, and former Chair of the Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board, she has worked with environmental stakeholders to advocate for progressive yet pragmatic new or amended environmental legislation. Examples are the shopping bag legislation, the e-waste legislation and the amended residential recycling law.

215 West 92nd Street
Mew York, NY, 10025

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