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Climate Neutral Group
Sustainability Consultancy & Offsetting

The aim of Climate Neutral Group is a climate-neutral world. A world in which individuals and organisations do all they can to prevent CO2 emissions, and where CO2 emissions are absolutely unavoidable, to offset them. Climate-neutral means a service, product, business or life without any negative impact on the climate.

Our ambition is 100% climate neutrality. Following on that, it is our mission to help as many companies as possible to do business in a climate-neutral way. Nowadays widespread, because sustainable, climate-neutral organisations have proven to be more innovative and more profitable in the long term. Climate Neutral Group assists organisations in the transition towards becoming climate-neutral. We do this by offering several (consultancy) services:

- Development of ambition, vision and strategy for sustainability and embedding it in the organisation
- CO2 footprint calculations
- Life Cycle Assessment
- Advice for climate neutral products and services
- Offsetting via Gold Standard or VCS projects
- CO2 Performance rating ladders ('prestatieladder')
- ISO 26000
- Climate Neutral Guaranteed certification
- Greendriver
- Mobility scan and advice
- Stakeholders dialogues & communication
- Various workshops and interim management

Our approach to carbon management enables companies to lower operational costs, offer their clients innovative & good products and services, and of course contributing to a better environment.

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Donkerstraat 19 3
Utrecht, Utrecht, 3511 KB, Netherlands


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