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Closed Loop Advisors
Simplifying Sustainability

Closed Loop Advisors provides management consulting solutions for sustainability problems. We look beyond cost savings and brand enhancement to help clients identify ways sustainability can inspire innovation and engagement. By working with you on projects ranging from solving specific environmental problems to planning enterprise-wide sustainability strategy, we can help your organization become more efficient, responsible, and adaptive.

Simplifying sustainability is our motto. Your organization has other things to do than climb the sustainability learning curve. We can create value for your organization through providing services related to: Strategy, Measurement + Analytics and Green Building + Certifications. Whatever the project, we apply a lens of systems thinking and put your organization's objectives first.

We push our clients along the cutting edge whenever possible yet also make sure they implement sensible solutions that reduce their environmental footprint, improve their social impact, and help them to accurately tell their sustainability story.

Whether you’re just starting your sustainability journey, already far along it, or somewhere in between, we can boost your value and increase your stakeholder engagement all while saving you time, energy, and money.

Check out our website www.closedloopadvisors.com or find us on LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter.

394 East 8th St. Suite 5a
New York, NY, 10009

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