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Connective Impact
Bringing Action to Collaboration

Connective Impact aids organizations in strategic goal development, partnership creation, consensus building and focused thinking in order to solve some of the most complex problems of our time. This includes developing strategies for broad stakeholder engagement, prioritizing action around individual and joint commitments, determining what is achievable alone and with the right partners and measuring impact.

We link together organizations that have similar, yet lofty goals, to develop programs for action. This includes:
• Convening stakeholder dialogues
• Developing and implementing stakeholder group strategies
• Measuring quantitative impact of group efforts
Connective Impact also provides representation services for clients interested in testing the waters with stakeholder engagement yet unsure where to begin. Our primary location for this service is in the Washington, D.C. area.
We provide a level of comfort by giving individualized attention and working closely with the client as the organization considers its role in a broader social impact dialogue. Linkages and relationships are then made seamlessly and efficiently.

Our clients are those that seek active participation in helping make our planet a healthier, safer and more productive place to live. They are innovators, risk-takers and confident that sustainability is an everyday priority in decision-making.

Joanne Sonenshine is Founder + CEO at Connective Impact. Joanne is a dynamic sustainability and economic development expert with over fifteen years of experience building strong business relationships and delivering on tactical thinking. Joanne is known among her network as having an efficient and productive approach to strategy development and implementation, and can synthesize technical information into actionable recommendations for better results.

Prior to launching Connective Impact in January 2014, Joanne was a Director at Conservation International in the Center for Environmental Leadership in Business focused on the intersection of industry sustainability commitments, climate change, agriculture, land use and sustainable sourcing. Having spent more than ten years working in Washington, D.C. with the U.S. Government, as a lobbyist and for a large NGO, she brings a comprehensive approach to the concept of ‘collective impact’ and challenges even the toughest minds to be innovative and act creatively for stronger results.

4516 North Carlin Springs Road
Arlington, VA, 22203

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