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Conscious Journeys
Exploring Tibet's History and Culture

Conscious Journeys is a unique voluntourism program created by Tibetan Village Project that offers a balanced blend of mindful tourism and volunteer excursion. Since 2005, Conscious Journeys has been organizing trips for small groups of volun-tourists in Tibet. We create rich cultural experiences by extending our arms and opening our hearts to embrace the villages where we work, providing participants opportunities to interact with and develop friendships with the Tibetans we serve, employing the most qualified and reputable Tibetans and continually working to improve the quality of our responsible tourism programs.
We are very mindful of the impact your tourist dollars have on the Tibetan communities we visit. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of supporting local businesses. We also ask you to consider the impact your travels have on the environment and local culture. We promote responsible tourism by teaching Leave-No-Trace principals, organizing eco-tourism trainings, conducting site clean-ups and other beneficial projects. Many Conscious Journeys participants describe the program as 'a life changing experience.

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