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CustomerFirst Renewables
Customer-Specific Supply Solutions

CFR is fundamentally changing how value from renewable electricity generation is captured by giving control of utility-scale renewables projects directly to large customers, enabling them to realize the benefits of competitively and predictably priced green power without the challenges of operating assets. CFR designs, deploys, and operates large-scale wind and solar assets on its customers’ behalf, objectively leveraging a broad suite of technologies and large vendor network. CFR offers three turn-key options for locating and capturing renewables benefits: (1) generating electricity on site (“Inside the Fence”) for their own use and potential resale to others; (2) generating off site within the region (“Near the Fence”) for their own use and for sale to others; or (3) generating out of region entirely for sale to others (“Long Distance Swaps”).

1425 K Street, NW
Suite 350
Washington, DC, 20005


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