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DC PRO Engineering
District Energy and Green Building MEP Consultant

DC PRO Engineering is an electro-mechanical consultancy firm specialized in District Energy and Green Building MEP Design Services. The company has been capitalizing on its extensive experience to reduce energy consumption and provide highly skilled consultancy services to large number of prestigious developments in the Middle East.

DC PRO’s engineering services include: District Cooling Engineering Services, Green Building MEP Design, Project management & Supervision, engineering reviews, Feasibility studies, Efficiency monitoring and corrective actions recommendation.

DC PRO Engineering has designed more than 1.9 Million Ton of District cooling & Co-generation systems as well as around 4 Million m2 of Green Buildings MEP designs, Assessment & Upgrades.

Thanks to its continuous thrive for excellence and human capital investment, Out of 72,000
SME registered in Dubai & more than 1,070 nominated companies DC PRO Engineering was selected from the Top 100 with overall ranking of 67th and 10th in Human Capital Development

The company serves its clients from four main branches located in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh.

Cornich Al Buhaira, Durra Tower, 2507, Sharjah, UAE
Sharjah, Sharjah, 22851, United Arab Emirates


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