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Dohn Engineering PLC
Licensed Independent Facility Analysis & Consulting focused on energy, performance, and comfort

Specializing in licensed professional facility energy consulting free from design or solution incentives.

- Custom-tailored cost-effective energy audits (also providing ASHRAE Level I, II, or III audit services)

- Calibrated energy modeling - Leading the industry in transparent and accurate modeling approaches

- Compliance modeling for LEED, ASHRAE, IECC code compliance documentation

- Diagnostics of HVAC plant equipment efficiencies, building envelope issues, mold/moisture problems.

- Load modeling and air balance consulting for proper air balance and comfort diagnostics

- Energy Star Certifications including mandated licensed engineering review

P.O. Box 266
313 Lagrange Rd, Suite 3
Pewee Valley, KY, 40056

(502) 963-1936

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