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Dream Green Productions
Eco Product Development related to textiles

Dream Green Productions offers consulting services to help companies identify non-Eco or toxic textile products able to be convert or replaced with recycled RPET substrates used as: display banners, wall art, interior decor fabrics, hospitality and architectural fabrics, promotional products, home decor and fashion.

We create a full product solution from identification of suitable products through to the development and production of the product itself. As simple as moving from solvent vinyl banners to more complex products such as large scale visual art or display, "on demand" retail product programs, and almost any product made from woven or knit textiles. We exclusively offer water and energy conservation printing and waterless fabric dying as part of the Eco process for image and color requirements.

Re-purposing programs are also created to continue the Cradle to Cradle cycle.

39 Warwick Tpke
New York, NY, 10990

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