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Life Cycle Analysis, Total Cost Assessment, Simplified LCA tools

EarthShift’s consulting services bring highly experienced analytical and training personnel to build a sustainability program or work with your existing corporate or institutional teams. As your sustainability partners, EarthShift helps to maximize your internal capacity to manage critical environmental objectives and create the documentation that will withstand the scrutiny of consumers, stakeholders and regulatory agencies.

EarthShift’s Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Total Cost Assessment (TCA) modeling regimens provide comprehensive data that lead to informed decision making and demonstrate conclusively that reduction of environmental impacts and other sustainability practices have highly positive effects on profitability.

Measure, comprehend and manage resource usage including water, energy, and other inputs that have both financial and environmental impacts.

Create legitimate “Eco-labeling”.
Comply with ISO environmental standards.
Build strategies for carbon neutrality.
Achieve organization wide commitment to sustainability.
Reduce some forms of risk.
Increase operational effectiveness.
Improve relationships with employees, customers and the communities where you do business.

EarthShift is also able to build custom software tools to meet specific objectives that you define, and assist in their integration into your existing programs.

In cooperation with our international partners, we provide organization-wide sustainability implementation throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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