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Environmental Consultants - Water & Wastewater

ECOS Environmental Consultants Limited provides environmental advice to all types of businesses from indigenous SME’s to multinational companies, including the food and drink sector, pharma-chem, financial services, hospitality, building services.

All businesses have legal or corporate requirements related to wastewater, water and waste.
We work with our clients to develop and implement structures or practices which assist them to be compliant with the regulations specific to their particular needs and licencing requirements.

ECOS has the practical experience and expertise necessary to address all the needs of our clients, including: Science, Engineering, Technology, Regulations, Financial and Business Management.

Projects have included:

Wastewater, Water & Waste - Treatment, Best Practice, Recovery & Reuse, Licences
Environmental Management - Technical Oversight, Cost - Benefit and Life Cycle Analysis
Environmental Liability & Risk Evaluation - Due Diligence, Root Cause Analysis, Sustainability

Our approach is to:

Work with clients to identify their environmental requirements.
Use our Extensive Knowledge, Contacts and Expertise to advise on how best to address their needs.
Assist the client to implement what is required to address their business needs.

We would welcome an opportunity to discuss your requirements.
Please feel free to contact us through www.ecos.ie or at 061 633644/info@ecos.ie.

Roselawn House, National Technology Park, Limerick
Limerick, Ireland, Ireland, Ireland

+353 (0)61633644

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