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Ecosystem Capital, LLC
Ecosystem services markets project development and advisory firm

Ecosystem Capital is a project development and strategic advisory services firm specializing in providing assistance to landowners, corporations, financial institutions, conservation organizations, and government entities with the development of innovative market-based ecosystem services projects and strategies designed to:

* Develop and realize (previously unrealized) ecological and natural resource asset values from land and water resources.

* Improve the development and management of agricultural, timber, and other real estate assets in a manner consistent with our client’s conservation and financial goals and objectives.

* Increase the value appreciation of real estate assets through ecological restoration or enhancement.

* Identify, assess, and develop corporate strategies that integrate natural resource asset and ecosystem services considerations into corporate enterprise and operational goals and objectives.

In order to achieve the desired financial returns and ecological benefits for our clients' market-based ecosystem services projects, Ecosystem Capital utilizes a wide range of market-based conservation finance mechanisms, landowner incentive programs, and innovative land use strategies. The ideal combination of these tools and incentives enables the generation of multiple revenue streams from a specific parcel of land or project, providing diversified financial returns and ecological benefits for our clients, investors, and community stakeholders.

2040 W. Belmont Ave.
Ste. 405
Chicago, IL, 60618

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