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Energy & Environmental Solutions
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e2- Sustainable Business Solutions

Energy & Environmental Solutions, (e2) is an international consulting company strategically developed to provide a complete solution to the issues of green building, green products and corporate sustainability, from analysis and consulting to the engineering and installation of state-of-the-art products. Levels of engagement can vary from reviewing and developing sustainability and energy policies, to implementing triple-bottom-line strategies to transforming your company to a sustainable green company.

E2 specializes in services for developers, property owners and facility managers of hospitality properties who have multiple buildings and would benefit from a cost-effective strategy that not only significantly reduces operational costs, but increases the overall financial performance of the portfolio through increased property value and guest occupancy. Our Comprehensive Building Solutions Service analyses the current conditions and develops custom programs for implementation, based on alignment with the greater business goals.

At e2 we believe that high performance and healthy buildings inspire high performance and healthy people who create high performance and healthy businesses. We connect the dots, or at least move them closer together, to demonstrate how changes in the building and operations practices can lead to dramatic improvements in business performance.

2400 Wildwood Road
PO Box 309
Wildwood, PA, 15091
Nashville & Shanghai

412-924-1120 x15

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