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Energy Solutions Worldwide
Sustainability products that address your highest energy usage.

Energy Solutions Worldwide (ESW) is focused on providing state-of-the-art, green energy solutions to industrial, commercial, automotive and residential markets throughout the world.

Our broad portfolio of green energy products and services deliver significant energy savings, water conservation, carbon footprint reduction and significant financial return opportunities. Some projects may qualify for no out of pocket expense to our clients and all offer attractive Returns on Investments (ROI's).

Our products are designed to compliment your current Green Energy / Sustainability programs by targeting areas of the most power consumption: HVAC Systems, Lighting, Voltage Regulation and UV/IR penetration. Even if you are using 100% renewable energy resources we can still show you a 20-30% energy reduction by using our nanotechnology teflon based refrigerant additive/lubricant Cold-Plus. Our XtreemZ product provides the same benefit for automotive air conditioning systems. By reducing your power consumption you will get favorable returns on decreased carbon footprint and go towards your LEED certification. Some regions of the US clients can qualify for rebates and tax credits that can fund the entire installation of our products and give you an immediate positive cash flow.

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