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Cash-Positive Clean Energy & Efficiency Solutions, Right From The Start

We deliver sustainable clean energy & energy efficiency solutions that generate cash to you & your bottom line, instead of creating additional out-of-pocket capital expenditures.

Choosing solutions that deliver higher ROI both environmentally & financially, we begin by guaranteeing a lower rate on your electric & gas costs through our Reverse-Auction platform where suppliers compete for your business.

Next, lower your energy usage while adding a significant list of benefits to your organization's operations through the use of our advanced technology LED lighting, on-grid or off-grid. Smart Controls, Smart Cities capabilities, & paid from your savings so you can be cash-positive day-one.

Now that you have lower energy rates and less energy usage, & more money in your pocket, it is time to add clean energy generation from solar energy.

One of the solar solutions we offer is exclusive solar project financing at a 15% system savings for NON-PROFIT organizations.

And, we can provide an investment opportunity with annual returns for members of non-profit organizations.

Your solar installers get paid at their bid price, the project gets funded with the help of our financial partners, and 15% is discounted back to the non-profit organization.

Or, simply purchase solar panels through our Firm and save more money.

- Your energy rates are reduced,
- Your energy usage is reduced,
- You generate your own clean renewable energy using solar & our financing, and
- You spent no money out-of-pocket, rather,
- You are putting more money right to your bottom line.

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