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Energy Solutions Consulting for Commercial, Industrial, & Municipal

EnergyChek is a Nationally Certified, 3rd party, Energy Solutions Consulting Firm. We Model, Design, and Manage TOTAL Energy Reduction Solutions.

We specialize in municipal, industrial, and commercial buildings and consistently find substantial energy efficiency improvement opportunities. The improvements we find and jointly decide on with our clients are paid for with energy cost savings we find.

We also help our clients capture all the utility incentives, grants, and IRS tax incentives that are available as a result of reducing energy consumption.

As an independent 3rd party, we do not have products or maintenance contracts we are trying to sell. Our mission is to find the highest efficiency reductions possible with the shortest ROIs. Our Experts do this by first recycling wasted energy, retrofitting, and re-commissioning existing equipment, Only then do we recommend the highest impact improvement options.

5511 W 56th Ave
Ste. 210
Denver, CO, 80002
Offices throughout North America


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