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Enviro Studios
"Green" Design Solutions

We represent a total “Green” initiative with our design approach and construction processes. We do not believe that “Green” washing or gadgetry are the way to arrive at a sustainable building. The tactic that we employ is the notion that a building acts like a living vessel for the client's needs and forms a symbiotic relationship with the environment. Site considerations, passive heating cooling and ventilation, sustainable building science based construction processes are a few of our value added techniques that we employ to achieve our goal. That goal is to create a high quality building system that will save the end-user money through energy efficiencies and maintain a healthy environment for the inhabitants. We work with five basic principles of “Green” design.

Integrated Design

Energy Efficiency

Water Conservation

Indoor Air Quality

Eco-friendly Materials

Design Build

Through are partners we offer a fully integrated design build service that is sustainable in all aspects and offers pre-fabrication solutions whenever possible. We strive to ensure that the client receives exactly what they want with no surprises, on time and on budget. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Building Pre-fabrication Design & Solutions

We offer solutions to pre-fabricated building components. From modular panelized to CNC fabricated pieces. Enviro Studios can design and guide you through the complicated design process to deliver a cohesive project. Utilizing 3D & 4D modeling to retain data control ensuring tighter building envelope while guaranteeing assembly accuracy. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Furniture Design

We offer several furniture pieces with six new pieces in early design stages. Our furniture is available in several materials and colors please feel free to contact us for lead times and pricing.

B.I.M. (Building Information Modeling & Digital Design)

We model all of our projects in 3D inputting all pertinent data for smooth translation to construction processes. This enables us to create cut-sheets for material take-offs and interface with sustainable model checkers for performance-based evaluations.

Vectorworks & Sketchup Training

We offer in house training sessions for Vectorworks and Sketchup regardless of your knowledge base. We can offer troubleshooting solutions to program issues that arise while working. Please feel free to contact us.

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Highlands, NJ, 07732


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