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Enzen Global Solutions Pvt Ltd
Energy and Environmental Consulting

Energy and environmental considerations are increasingly becoming integral factors in economic decision-making. Demonstrating environmental sensitivity in core business strategies and activities serves as the foundation for achieving sustainable growth and lasting competitiveness. Policy-led markets require new financial insight and expertise, the key to success being superior understanding of the complex interdependencies between the regulatory framework driving the process and its underlying principles and objectives. Enzen has the expertise to address key energy & environmental challenges in the corporate sector as well as in urban and rural settings. We understand energy and environmental policy, as well as energy and environmental markets. By interpreting and anticipating policy developments, we provide our clients with insight and comprehensive solutions for energy & environmental challenges.
We apply our multidisciplinary skills in the areas of Environment, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. We offer an end-to-end life cycle delivery approach (from design through execution and management of a solution). Our extensive experience of working in collaborative partnerships with private sector, public sector and voluntary organizations delivering a range of projects means we can provide a comprehensive portfolio of consultancy and advisory services

#90 Hosur Road
Bangalore, Karnataka, 560068, India

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