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advancing sustainable systems and solutions by design

evolveEA is a nimble multidisciplinary practice situated at the intersection of sustainability and the built environment. We help individuals, communities, and organizations take strategic action by situating clients in a larger context of change, strengthening strategic positioning and enabling clients to demonstrate leadership. We look through three lenses of sustainability: People, Process, and Place.

evolveEA’s work spans six areas of impact across a wide spectrum of industries, communities and sectors:

- buildings in delivery
We help teams add value to their building projects by identifying and implementing smart strategies.

- buildings in operation
We optimize building performance and operating systems with attention to user needs and experience.

Buildings and Systems Services
o Integrated design process
o LEED & Living Building management
o Modeling & commissioning management
o Building Portfolio goal setting & tracking
o Benchmarking/value analysis
o LEED EBOM/Energy Star management
o Greenhouse Gas Inventory
o Retail Prototype evaluation

- - - - - -

- organizational strategy
We build capacity for organizations to analyze, plan and execute short- and long-term sustainability efforts.

- social engagement
We engage organizations and individuals in the design of sustainable systems and processes.

Organizational Capacity Services
o Culture of sustainability facilitation
o Sustainable operating systems
o Supply chain & product life cycle analysis
o USGBC LEED Faculty support
o Corporate sustainability reporting
o Custom sustainability education
o Engagement design & management
o Social media strategy

- - - - - -

- design for smarter living
We create compelling and thought provoking landscapes, buildings, experiences, and objects to reexamine our relationship to our environment.

- urban strategies
We enable communities to create more livable places, systems and economies by addressing the ecological, social and economic issues.

Placemaking Services
o Full architectural services
o Community/user engagement
o Design conceptualization & programming
o Human factors analysis
o Urban design & placemaking guidelines
o Feasibility & sustainable systems modeling
o Living City/LEED ND management
o Pittsburgh 2030 District strategy & education

- - - - - -

5530 penn avenue
Pittsburgh, PA, 15206


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