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Strategy, Communication, Change Management and Employee Engagement

Once an organization commits to reducing its footprint, there are a host of challenges and issues involved in the adoption phase that go beyond science and technology. Leadership, culture, communication, employee and stakeholder engagement….all these organizational factors can make the difference between committing to environmentally responsible goals and actually practicing those behaviors on a consistent basis.

Footprint Partners provides consulting support and practical tools to organizations committed to operating their business within the context of sustainability principles. Specifically to cultivate the leadership insight, cultural attributes and communication needed to move from the development of a Sustainability Plan to full adoption, buy-in and ultimately - stewardship.

While many sustainability consultants focus on measurement, reporting and compliance, Footprint Partners focuses on your people and building organizational capacity. We offer a rare blend of experience in change management strategy, leadership development and coaching, cultural assessment and communication to our partners in Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Marketing as they manage sustainability initiatives.

Footprint Partners has developed a set of proprietary diagnostic tools to quickly and accurately pinpoint cultural obstacles to adoption, including:

 Cultural Alignment Assessment SM – using the results of a cultural survey, we can assist you determine the attributes and values that support sustainable practices and where there are gaps, how to embed them. Associates are certified in the Barrett tool. We customized Barrett’s model to highlight sustainable-oriented values.
 Sustainability Readiness Index SM – similar to the tool used to assess an organization’s aptitude to manage change, our SRI provides a straightforward and actionable/predictive scorecard to assist in the design of a sustainability initiative or specific program. By understanding an organization’s degree of readiness, leaders can anticipate and address obstacles in a proactive fashion.
 Leadership Competency Model – we work with your existing leadership competency model and/or Performance Management system to imbed specific leadership competencies related to sustainability. There are five primary sustainability competencies and once the organization begins to recruit, develop and reward those behaviors, sustainability adoption quickens.
 Sustainability Message Map SM - communicating and marketing your sustainability success can be an important competitive advantage. We review your current marketing and internal communications material to ensure your messages resonate with stakeholders who share in the commitment to sustainable business practices.
 Integrated Reporting – working within the context of the IIRC principles, we work with organizations to develop either a full-scale integrated report or provide guidance on how to modify existing reports to be more consistent with <IR> frameworks.
 We also work with clients and partner organizations on the following services:
o Competitive audits – benchmarking an organization against other industry or sector competitors
o Focus groups & stakeholder interviews
o Employee engagement activities
o Communication planning & training
o Media & PR support for green messaging

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