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Geeks Cheaper
Providing customers the services they need to keep perfectly good comptuers out of landfill. Providing business promotion solutions to advance conscienscious industry.

We are a network of experienced IT professionals poised to provide you the best possible services at the best possible price. We focus on getting any offending problems out of the way as efficiently as possible - and when the heavy work is done we polish it up by making your computers and other devices run smoother and faster, with less issues into the future.

Our techs have years of experience helping people in their homes and businesses - from fixing the odd printer or laptop to building brand new PC's or professional websites. We do our absolute best to fix your problems, address your concerns, answer your many questions, eliminate frustrations, and teach you more than ever about your technology.

We will help you plan and install solar, wind and other renewable energy technologies. We optimize systems for energy efficiency and performance, as well as providing software and hardware services to keep machines out of landfill. When machines do need to be "scrapped" we will take them to a certified e-Cycle facility.

Geeks Cheaper aims to serve customers directly, save them money, and reverse the trend that finds these highly-toxic devices disposed of in the wrong ways.

PO Box 714
Morro Bay, CA, 93443
San Luis Obispo County


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