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George P Nassos & Associates
Strategy, Sustainability Corporate Training, Renewable Energy

The company is led by George P Nassos who directed one of the top environmental management and sustainability programs offered at any graduate business school. This followed his 32 years in the corporate world for a chemical company and an environmental company. This combination of the real and academic worlds led him to write "Practical Sustainability Strategies: How to Gain a Competitive Advantage" for John Wiley & Sons.

Business Consulting

❖ Developing, extending and sustaining a competitive advantage

❖ Sustainable development

• Extend natural resources

• Climate strategy

• GHG Inventories

• Life Cycle Analysis

• Apply sustainable strategies

- CERES Principles

- 4 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Redesign)

- Energy efficiency

- Renewable energy

- Servicing (Dematerializing)

- The Natural Step

- Base of the Pyramid

- Eco-effect vs. Eco-efficient

- Biomimicry

- Climate Strategy

- “BHAG” (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

- Systems Thinking

- Green Buildings

Environmental Consulting

❖ Renewable energy sources

❖ Waste to energy technology

❖ Process Engineered Fuel

❖ Small wind turbine research


❖ Corporate sustainability training

❖ Conference speaking

1412 Elizabeth Lane
Glenview, IL, 60025

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