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GETR - Free Bars and Nightlife Solutions
GETR - Free Bars and Nightlife Solution

GETR is a mobile/web app powered by gitr, a social drinking app where users purchase drink coupons.
GETR is a FREE SaaS-based platform that offers solutions to venues who serve alcohol in the bar and nightlife industry. Our platform provides free marketing services to venues which will increase customer traffic and ultimately increase revenue and cash flow. Our streamlined transaction process will also result in a faster drink turnover rate.
GETR allows venues to manage their finances. In later versions, venues will also have access to industry insight and enhanced marketing tools.

- Free Marketing
- Faster Drink Transaction
- Increase Revenue and Cash Flow
- Increase Customer Traffic
- Industry Insight
- Manage Finances

Interested in joining our venue network? Contact Us!
1297 Lexington Ave #5
New York, NY - 10128
Phone No - (212) 882 - 1799
Website - http://gitr.com/getr
Email Us - marketing@gitr.com

1297 Lexington Ave #5
New York, NY, 10128


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