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GHG Accounting Services Ltd
GHG Accounting, Carbon Credits, Emission Reduction Quantification, Audit, Life Cycle Analysis, Assurance, GHG Emissions Inventories

GHG Accounting’s services portfolio is designed to service its clients in a comprehensive way covering all areas relevant to sustainable business practices. This portfolio includes three important categories: (i) greenhouse gas emissions, (ii) energy, and (iii) a wider corporate social responsibility (CSR) scope. GHG Accounting Services provides specialized greenhouse gas (GHG) and sustainability consulting, audit and accounting services to corporations, local government, public sector agencies and not-for-profit organizations.
The accurate, environmentally sound and auditable quantification of sustainability performance and GHG emissions is the heart of our daily work. Delivering services and providing tools which enable meaningful managerial, environmental and scientific decision making to identify lower GHG emission solutions and improved sustainability performance is our passion.
Supporting local governments and local climate action projects is a particular focus of our work. As well as offset project documentation, reduction quantification and verification, development of a new GHG quantification project methodologies, community and corporate GHG emissions and energy inventory reports, GHG emission reduction strategies, carbon intensity Life Cycle Analysis for products, fuels and services, training & staff capacity workshops, carbon financing option development, sustainability, GHG and energy performance audits, feasibility studies and implementation plans for renewable energy generation, evaluation of environmental performance of services and products and implementation of data management systems for Global Reporting Initiative (GRI 4) reporting standard, LEED, ISO 50001 - Energy management systems, Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). (www.ghgaccounting.ca)

1275 West 6th Avenue
Vancouver, BC, V6H 1A6, Canada


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