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Giving Strong
From strategic philanthropy and sustainability to cause marketing and workplace volunteerism, we empower you to make tangible positive change in the community, creating real outcomes around the globe.

Giving Strong is a Change Agency led by talented senior staff with a passion for making the world a better place. We apply equal measure of heart and mind to develop measurable, turn-key programs that matter.

Giving Strong’s Founder Christen Graham is an experienced CSR professional,who loves making a difference,and has fun doing it. She’s developed impactful, strategic giving and advocacy programs for organizations as diverse as public companies, family foundations and small start ups.A former journalist and Public Relations executive, she enjoys persuading and influencing others to make change for the better.

Our programs are developed and led by a dedicated team of professionals with decades of experience in sustainability, managing people, directing philanthropy, building brands, lobbying government and making change. We don’t fundraise, manage assets or work for the nonprofit organizations that our clients' serve.

Portland, ME, 04101

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