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Goby LLC
Energy & Sustainability Management software and Consulting

Our primary goal is to increase the value of real estate through sustainability.

At Goby, we apply a sustainability lens to your real estate portfolio in order to create real value. We break the value drivers into operational efficiencies, marketing and social awareness, and unlocking strategic value.

Operational Efficiencies:
The first step in unlocking additional asset value is running an operationally efficient building, space, or portfolio. It is not uncommon to see bottom-line savings of $2/ft² or more from simple operational changes.

Social Conscious:
Additional value through green corporate branding and marketing through achievement of accolades such as Energy Star and/or LEED. Many Fortune 500 companies now mandate moving into LEED certified buildings and office spaces.

Strategic Planning:
As you plan for the future, ensure your asset or space is equipped for the pending green legislation. How you plan and budget now will impact tenant decisions in the future as they look to measure and plan for the costs of their carbon footprint.

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