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Golder Associates
We deliver solutions that help our clients achieve their sustainable development goals by providing a wide range of independent consulting, design and construction services.

At Golder, we are committed to providing environmentally sound, socially responsible and technically innovative solutions to our clients. We seek to embed the principles of sustainability into project planning, design and execution, by delivering a range of strategic and practical solutions for development projects, corporate operations, or governmental initiatives including:

-Sustainable development policy and planning, audits and certification (Equator Principles, BREEAM, LEED, etc.)
-Metrics and reports (Global Reporting Initiative, GEMI Navigator, BRIDGESworks, etc.)
-Stakeholder engagement
-Environmental and social impact assessment
-Climate change impacts and adaptation
-Greenhouse gas emissions/carbon management
-Life cycle assessment and green supply chain
-Customized tools for risk analysis and decision-making

We strive to run our company to minimize our environmental footprint, positively influence our communities, and have an economic benefit, and we engrain these principles into our technical work.

3730 Chamblee Tucker Road
Atlanta, GA, 30341
More than 180 offices globally



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