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Green Portfolio Strategies
• Why Green Portfolio Strategies? GPS has been created to assist clients in managing risk, creating value, improving performance and resilience of buildings and portfolios while enhancing Net Operatin

The real estate sector has been subject to increasing scrutiny from a diverse audience of stakeholders relative to sustainability performance. In the last 10 years, the diverse segments of the real estate industry have contended with advancing building codes, green-building certifications, the application of renewables, energy efficiency, regulatory disclosure of energy performance in major markets and shareholder initiatives. In addition, many real estate industry segments are addressing new disclosure criteria involving Institutional Investors, the SEC, SASB, Energy Star and numerous reporting and certification mechanisms like LEED, Green Globes, Living Building Challenge, CDP, GRI, GRESB, benchmarking, localized building disclosure requirements—the real estate industry is under assault.
The emergence of Green Portfolio Strategies is in direct response to the myriad of factors and institutions influencing decision-making in the real estate sector while pursing the business aspects of increasing Net Operating Income and Asset Valuation, and meeting expectations of shareholders.
Green Portfolio Strategies(GPS)…advancing sustainability
At GPS, “advancing sustainability” is the underlying premise of our organization. No matter where you are on your sustainability journey, GPS can add value. “Early adopters” of sustainable principles, goals and objectives have needs that may be very different from new entrants in the sustainability space. Regardless of the starting point, or where you are today, GPS has a team of subject matter professionals that can bring value to every aspect of the sustainability spectrum.

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