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Green Renewable Energy Design Solutions
Energy Design Consultants for Commercial and Residential Clients

Green Renewable Energy Design solutions works with Commercial and Residential clients who desire to implement Sustainable, Green or Environmental changes with their environment. When working with our clients, we educate and familiarize them with the terms, verbiage "jargon" used in the industry and with the latest technologies and approaches. We explain careful the process of starting an engagement and set the expectations of what the results of the final product design or solution. Our team of experts offers a comprehensive, integrated set of services to assist: Developers, building/Facilities managers, home and property owners address critical issues regarding energy efficient buildings and residential properties.

Our services for both Residential and Commercial

• Sustainability
• Design Solutions Planning
• Energy Assessments/Audits
• Lighting Retrofits
• Renewable Energy Solutions
• Carbon Management-Green House Gases (GHG)
• Recycling & Waste Management
• Indoor/Outdoor Space Planning
• Interior Design & Planning
• Green Design & Planning
• Environmental Indoor Air Quality (IAQ

634 Eagle Rock Avenue
# 6187
West Orange, NJ, 07052


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