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Green Sustainability International
Environmental, Climate Change, Energy and Sustainability

Green Sustainability International” offers consulting/advisory services on Environment, Climate Change, Energy, Heath & Safety and Sustainability across industrial, commercial, energy, agricultural and forestry sectors. It provides services in accordance with national, regional and international policies/legislations/directives/agreements. This is primarily to reduce environmental pollution in terrestrial and aquatic systems, mitigate atmospheric pollutants (e.g., greenhouse and other toxic gases), maintain biodiversity, reclamation/remediation of contaminated lands, minimize energy consumption & other relevant, and create safe working environment, leading to achieve a climate resilient low-carbon pathway and attain sustainability. GSI delivers on-time services by using ISO and advanced methodologies/technologies/approaches, utilising existing expertise/resources as well as creating specialized job opportunities, and developing partnerships at national and international levels.

Enterprise & Technology Centre
Milehouse Road
Wexford, Wexford, Ireland

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