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Greennovate (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
China-based sustainability consulting with an education and engagement focus

Simple Idea

The idea behind Greennovate came from a simple want: to combine business and social potential to do something meaningful in China. This simple want evolved into a social business that is constantly pushing the barriers, integrating sustainable concepts into traditional business and community practices.

Can We Change the Way Business is Done?

What we do is strongly rooted in who we are. Greennovate is a broad network of sustainability consulting veterans, marketers, volunteers and students working for what we’re passionate about. All these connections and resources help us generate ideas for China-specific green functions, products, and other initiatives that can help firms move forward toward a new way of doing business sustainably. We believe that focusing on end-of-pipe solutions is a false way of doing business, and so we aim to create a fundamental shift in the way that businesses think about sustainability: while many businesses consider sustainable practices a liability now, our goal is to demonstrate how they can be a valuable asset to any firm, and how they will be an essential part of the business future for everyone. We believe, that is, that sustainable business is better business.

What is a Hybrid Organization?

Greennovate is part of what is known as the hybrid organization movement – a push to develop organizations that embrace traditional for-profit business practices while simultaneously making an intensive effort on all fronts toward a common good. We combine our community initiative and business services segments into one entity intent on building momentum for sustainability.

Green: A Driver of Innovation

Making “green” and sustainability a real part of our world requires some acutely innovative thinking; as we all know, humanity’s global way of doing things simply cannot continue forever. New products, methods, and ways of thinking that can help us take serious steps on the road to sustainability are needed. In short, innovative ideas are what are going to make the world a greener and more sustainable place, and that’s what Greennovate is all about. We have been working with ideas that translate to a better quality of life in China since 2007.

528 Kangding Road
Room 203 Bldg. 1
Shanghai, Shanghai, 200041, China
Jing'An District

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