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Greenomics was founded in 2002 and is based out of the west coast of Canada with a global network of partners and colleagues collaborating to provide organizations with a full suite of services.

In making the decision to hire outside help to
create your Corporate Sustainability Plan you
need more than just a report. You need an action
plan with short, mid and long term goals with
measurable milestones. You need a business case
and ongoing support to achieve your goals.
We offer:
· Strategic Planning
· Opportunity and Risk Assessments
· Corporate Social Responsibility Plan Development
· Integrated Reporting Framework and Writing
· Workshops and Retreats
· Change Management Programs
· Governance Guidance
· Greenhouse Gas Management
· Resource Recovery
· Zero Waste Methodologies
· Baseline Assessments
· Presentations and Consultations
· Marketing and Communications

407 Gower Point Road
PO Box 1952
Gibsons, BC, V0N1V0, Canada

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