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International Sustainable Development Consultants
Expertise and Experience for your Sustainable Development Programs

International Sustainable Development Consultants ISDC

ISDConsultants support sustainable business by stabilizing local economies with our unique process of integrating communities with their strategic partners.

The Company
ISDConsultants is owned and operated by Annie Goeke and Barry Leneman, who are also founding directors of non-profits working in Sustainable Development. With their many years of on-theground experience in sustainable development, they bring the commitment and skills required to create and sustain lasting contributions to the client outside of the changing political climate.

Market Potential
ISDConsultants recognizes there are millions of communities around the world that have great potential for economic opportunities once their social, environmental, and economic futures are stabilized and integrated with localized economies and global partners such as Future of Africa.

Managing Communities
ISDConsultants work with communities to create lasting opportunities while insuring that the integrity of long-term agreements are maintained. Typical programs include: Sustainable land cultivation; Community centers; Educational facilities; Open Space / Parkland; Community building; Eco-village Living and Learning Centers; and Community governance programs.

International Sustainable Development Consultants
PO Box 5404 Santa Monica, Ca 90409 Ph: 310-403-6693

Po Box 5404
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Santa Monica, CA, 90409

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