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Kumi Consulting Ltd
Kumi is a sustainability consultancy specialising in supporting multinational businesses operating in developing countries.

We help clients to build their commercial success through stronger relationships with their stakeholders and better decision making.

Our focus is at an operational level: where corporate policies and targets must convert into actions; where business decisions directly impact people or the environment; where global issues require local context. Our services include:

- Operational strategy: Focusing actions and resources to deliver corporate objectives
- Supply chain: Building resilient, sustainable supply chains
- Partnership development: Helping build collaborative partnerships that deliver effective solutions to sustainability challenges
- Monitoring and reporting: Delivering performance information that management and stakeholders can rely on
- Impact evaluation: Assessing the impacts of sustainability initiatives and capturing lessons learned
- Research and analysis: Independent research and analysis to help build policy solutions, develop tools or facilitate relationship building and advocacy

5 St John's Lane
London, Greater London, EC1M 4BH, United Kingdom

+44 (0) 20 3637 4440

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