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Life Into Systems
Applying nature's solutions for a thriving future

In a nutshell: Ask me about sustainability solutions for energy savings, water savings, waste management, improving productivity and efficiency, reducing running costs, reducing environmental impacts, or simply learning what impact your business has on the environment including local social and economic impacts.

Life Into Systems is the corporate umbrella for me, Samantha Derham, a sustainability and environmental expert and enthusiast with 23 years of hands on experience, 10 years of life sciences education, and 5 years of applied experience. If it’s sustainable, I know about it.

The combination of rapidly improving technology, increased availability of information as well as strengthening environmental legislation is quickly leading to the tipping point where companies who aren’t practicing sustainability will be out-competed by those who are. Every company is different in its size and activities which results in differing energy, water and other resource use and waste generation, and depending on these differences there is a wide range of possible sustainability interventions. More and more, the interventions that are applied will reduce your company’s running costs, in some instances within the first month of installation or practice.

 If your company consumes a large amount of electricity during the day, PV grid-tied systems can supply for all your day time energy uses and feed excess energy back to the grid reversing your meter. The monthly rent-to-buy option may result in a lower monthly expense than your previous energy bill, and once it’s paid for you could have free or very low electricity costs for a further 20+ years – meaning you are more environmentally as well as economically sustainable from the onset.
 If your company consumes a large amount of water, various water harvesting and conservation methods can dramatically reduce your water bill. Depending on your water consumption the ROI could be as short as a few months, thereafter free or very low water costs for 10+ years.
 If your company produces large quantities of any kind of waste, there are a number of solutions to reduce the costs related to disposing of it, in some cases even providing another source of income for your company. A surprising percentage of waste can be used as fuel for on-site energy generation either in bio-gas digesters or gasifiers.
 Most cleaning chemicals adversely affect the health of your employees over time, as well as the environment they are drained into. There is a wide range of general and specialised 100% environmentally friendly cleaning products for all scales of use. Many of these cleaning products are now more effective than the conventional cleaning products and in some cases also cost less.
 Specific use of Effective Micro-organisms can reduce running costs and improve success rates of any landscaping activities, decontaminating water bodies and improving sport fields lawn quality, eg: golf courses, stadiums, and race courses.

The sustainability solutions to any activity are now endless, and the costs of installation are rapidly becoming economically viable, especially in light of the increasing requirements from both governments and the customer for more industries to comply with environmental standards and expectations. Even more exciting is the recent addition of Biomimicry to the sustainability problem solving toolbox - a practice of finding the most efficient and effective solutions to any sustainability challenge through observing and applying how nature has already solved a similar problem.

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Johannesburg South, Gauteng, 2091, South Africa


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