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Mac McCabe
Sustainable Business Consultant

With over 40 years of management and consulting experience, ranging from renowned companies (L. L. Bean) to startups to non-profits, I consider myself an expert in integrating the often challenging fine line between mission and profitable business operations. I have expertise in all phases of business operations and have both the depth of experience and the scars to understand how they interplay. On several occasions I have been asked to step in on very short notice to act as interim CEO for assignments that have been short-term on a number of years. I do have an MBA from Harvard, and my approach is disciplined, analytical and humane.

While I am particularly enthused about all sustainably prioritizing entrepreneurs, I have particular expertise in all aspects of the natural and organic food industry and in inner city businesses, especially those that seek to employ challenged populations. I live in Maine but work nationally.

51 Coyle Street
Portland, ME, 04101


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