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Maruti Consultants
Energy Management

Maruti Consultants is specializing in Energy Management, Projects Engineering, Cleaner Production, Safety Audits and other related areas. Maruti Consultants is a leader in all it's sphere of activities and sets itself apart with it's high level of technical expertise and its innovative approaches in the development of adapted solutions. To this date we have implemented many projects in industrial, buildings, government sector etc. Founded in 1990, Maruti Consultants has carved a niche for itself various aspects of Energy Management.

Energy Efficiency:
Investment Grade Energy Audits (Thermal and Electrical)
Detailing and Implementation
Post Implementation Performance Evaluation
Energy Management:
Integrated Strategies
Benchmarking and Forecasting
Demand side Management
Tariff Management and Advice
Monitoring and Targeting
Fuel Switching
Training and Capacity Building

195 O U Teachers Colony
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, 500094, India
close to college of defence mgmt

+91 94400 53323

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