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Natural Logic Inc.
Strategy consulting firm: in our 11th year of building exceptional environmental and economic performance.

Natural Logic advises companies and governments on designing, implementing and measuring business and economic development strategies. We help you make “sustainability” a significant source of business value — building profit, market share and brand value, reducing risk, and driving innovation.

Natural Logic brings a tested, integrative approach to your challenges, since piecemeal approaches can no longer do the job. But “integrative” doesn’t mean “all at once”. You can begin with any of three options — each at a different scale of intensity; each tailored to your organization’s needs, circumstances and readiness; each designed to produce clear, reliable results:

1. Strategic Briefings: Update your executive team on key trends and emerging issues
2. Rapid Diagnostics: Discover your opportunities to build profit and brand —and your capacity to manage risk in difficult times
3. Full Cycle SustainabilityTM: Create sound sustainability initiatives that integrate with existing operations

For details, please contact CEO Gil Friend directly at 1-510-248-4940.

PO Box 119
Berkeley, CA, 94701

(510) 248-4940

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