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natureOffice USA, Inc
Carbon Neutral manufacturing

The complete natureOffice package lets businesses and their customers join forces in a valuable climate-protection pact. Enduring climate protection requires not only compensation of CO2 quantities, but also verifiable reduction or avoidance. natureOffice therefore views climate-neutralproduction as a complete package comprising an energy efficiency consultation, a thorough shop analysis, the CO2 balance assessment, and installation of the actual process. Erwin Hudelist, the Manager of natureOffice, describes the potential savings achievable, for example, in heat recovery and fluid optimization, by saying, “Our process guarantees the highest standards of computation, transparency and credibility. But what makes our package unique in the market is the included print shop analysis because it facilitates sometimes enormous savings throughout the production process.”

1489 W. Warm Springs Road
Henderson, NV, 89014
Germany, Paraguay & China




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