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Opportunity Sustainability
Strategy & communication from supply chain to employee engagement to reporting. Sustainability is fundamentally about smart business.

Opportunity Sustainability is passionate about smart business.

We believe that sustainability and CSR are fundamentally about smart business and innovation, and that they are most effective when they create value through cost reductions, strategic advantage, engaged employees, and increased sales.

We work with leadership teams to navigate the complexities of sustainability, to develop a plan, and to communicate and engage stakeholders effectively. Industries: manufacturing to quick service restaurants to construction firms. Experience size: small manufactures to mid-sized not-for-profits to Fortune 1000 firms. Projects: Strategy Facilitation and Consultation, Employee Engagement, Educational Programming, NGO/stakeholder engagement, Supply Chain Management, Social Media Strategy, GRI Reporting, and Website Design and Messaging.

Prior to founding Opportunity Sustainability, Matthew Rochte LEED AP successfully ran and sold a triple-bottom-line manufacturing firm in the 90s where they defined success by the company’s economic, social, and environmental impact. Since then, he has been on a mission to guide smart business leaders through CSR and sustainability.

2966 S. California St
Milwaukee, WI, 53207


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